A Southern Affair Mural

A Southern Affair mural was commissioned in 2020 by Lauren Taylor, the Chief Executive Officer of Realty Haven and Rent Haven – a local real estate conglomerate. McClellan Douglas, the artist, used the piece as an opportunity to depict what he treasures most about his home state, honing in on the contrast between warm and cool color tones and showcasing meaningful portraits of more than a dozen South Carolinians. His inspiration came from the idea of an outdoor social gathering when the weather is nice in Columbia.

This mural has touched the hearts of many, and is a physical reminder of the beautiful light individuals shine during dark times. It is our privilege to raise the voices of all South Carolinians with the addition of this beautiful mural on Rosewood Drive. We are so thankful to share this piece of art with our community and to highlight unity within our state and nation. A
Southern Affair mural stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement to promote racial equality and inclusivity, and we hope to encourage our community of Columbia to participate in the fight against social inequity.

Visit us at 1314 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, SC 29201 to see the artwork up close! Share your stories and pictures with us on Facebook & Instagram by tagging @ASouthernAffairMural. We’re excited to see how Columbia embraces this piece!

Watch the full feature: https://youtu.be/Ux3dXfs01-o
Read the full SCETV article: https://www.scetv.org/stories/2020/mural-columbia-seeks-promote-diversity-times-racialtension

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